How near miss reporting decreases actual injuries

In the last five years the New Zealand construction industry has taken steps to significantly improve health and safety performance.

The construction industry has directed emphasis towards creating a culture within the industry that expects, understands and actively participates in health and safety.

This includes research that aims to see the positive effects the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) has had on the health and safety performance within New Zealand’s construction industry.

It was found that an increase in reported near misses decreased the number of actual incidents. And it has been internationally recognised that as near miss reporting increases the number of injuries decreases.

When near misses are viewed as opportunities for improvement it creates a proactive health and safety environment.

sourced from University of Christchurch SCIRT poster

Digital signage is a great way to raise awareness of reported near misses.

Several of our customers use the screens to notify staff of near misses.

Using templates we have designed specifically for this purpose, they regularly update screen content to show recent near miss situations.

This content can be used to both reinforce good behaviours and educate staff on correct work procedures and processes.

Talk to us about how digital signage can improve your safety communications with employees and contractors.


Safety incidents can impact executive remuneration

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on September 23, 2015

A major factor in the 43 per cent pay cut BHP Billiton chief executive Andrew Mackenzie copped in 2015 was the company's record on worker fatalities, which cost him 20 per cent of his short-term bonus.

The incidents occurred across of range of operations, including Worsley in West Australia, Manganese in South Africa, Queensland Coal, Olympic Dam in South Australia and Escondida in Chile.  

… it is appropriate that boards place enormous pressure on management to exercise maximum care on the welfare of staff. In 2016 the proportion of BHP management's pay related to HSEC will move up from 20 per cent to 25 per cent.”

In organisations of all sizes it can be a challenge to implement and deliver a consistent program of safety and culture change to the whole workforce. Digital Signage is a communication channel that can increase the reach of safety and culture change messages to help businesses improve their safety performance.