The health of your staff is directly linked to productivity and profits!

It is fast becoming the responsibility of employers to motivate their staff and take an active role in looking after their health and wellbeing. Such a simple and cost effective solution as presenting health tips and instructions has been proven to increase morale and productivity as well as benefit staff retention.

A proactive employer is seen to be a caring employer, and studies have shown staff are more likely to stay with a company who supports them and has their best interests at heart.

The YOUR WORK PLACE solution is a proactive a meaningful way of communicating with your team.


Digital Signage is rapidly replacing posters worldwide. This is due to numerous factors, including the ability to update content remotely , and no postage, handling or labour costs in hanging posters (distributing content is a mouse click away with digital signage)

Most importantly, these animated screens get noticed. Educate and entertain your staff  by adding current news, sport and weather headlines alongside your message and your team will take notice.

Improve communications with video and animation, which say so much more than a static image or email. Promote your corporate culture by having your CEO or area manager send a message . Train staff using videos. Communication is now only a mouse click away

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Digital Signage provides a clear and effective way to make sure your work place safety messages are communicated.

Digital signage has proven to reduce work place accident rates by up to 70%.

The solution helps to reduce the risk of accident and illness in the workplace through the regular reminder of good practices via visual appeal and entertainment.

Instead of static posters and images that get overlooked, digital solution is animated and eye catching. And it carries a mix of news, weather and sport headlines, which means it will be looked at and remembered.

You can even add your own customised content at anytime

"Staff love it, they post their own photos or use the electronic noticeboard regularly"