Research Study proves value of work place digital signage.

Earlier this year Your Work Place commissioned a study of the effectiveness of our digital signage solution at a couple of customer sites in NZ with a respected 3rd party independent research company (Research First). The objective of the study was to evaluate the business benefits of digital signage and key criteria impacting performance. While the data set was small and the results therefore indicative only, some key findings were:

  • The signage has the potential to positively change awareness and behaviour
  • The pre and post installation interviews with workers show that the screens have the potential to impact awareness and knowledge of health and safety regulations and to impact this positively.
  • The messaging needs to be carefully considered
  • The impact of the digital signage on workers’ awareness of health and safety regulations was uneven. Change of awareness and behaviour was more likely to occur where the messaging on the screens was clear and specific and the signage was visually appealing and eye-catching.


With the research study confirming the importance of the quality of the content in maximising the benefits of the solution, and our experience with the challenges existing customers face keeping the content both fresh/relevant and visually appealing, Your Work Place have now incorporated content creation plans into our offering. Customers can choose between a variety of plans based on the volume of content, frequency of changes, and type of content they would like our assistance to create.

Furthermore, by creating content for our clients Your Work Place is building a library of topics and formats that customers can leverage off to easily and quickly determine their specific content requirements. Plus we have a large and growing list of stock images that customers can take advantage of for the design of their content.