The old head and shoulder, this is Bob staff profile photo doesn't seem to quite cut the mustard anymore. Digital Signage provider Your Work Place is making those old staff profiles a little sexier.

Your Work Place Director Andrew McIntosh said: People were largely embarrassed by those older style images, they almost look like criminal mugshots. We wanted to make the staff proud of the images of themselves and have worked with our clients and the staff to make the staff profiles a lot more interesting. We suggest that staff send us a photo of themselves not at work but outside of work. These images often get conversation going between staff and certainly get them looking at the screens which the employers love as the profiles appear amongst company messages. I guess they are "show off" pics. Catching big fish shots are popular as are all sorts of outdoor adventures. Its a chance for staff to show their work mates they are more than just their job and has helped to boost work place moral.